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Hello and Salam Dear reader’s, welcome to the About Us page of your favorite site SaryRang.com (All beautiful Color’s سارے خوبصورت رنگ).!

Before proceeding further, I want to introduce myself. I’m Abdul Majid, born in District Khushab. (Khushab District is a district in the province of Punjab, Pakistan). After completing my academic year’s. I had started finding some suitable Job in 2009, and after changing various offices, Currently (Feb 2016) I’m Working in a Private company as a Motion Graphics Artist.

I have command on following softwares, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, WordPress, little more HTML, CSS, PHP. Each of then has a Great Power, Popularity and Work Area.  I remembered that I never took a part in any type of sport throughout my life. So I am a kind of guy who Love’s Reading, writing, playing PC Games, Traveling and especially Exploring and Thinking. Yeah, still I’m weak in English writing, so I implore to forgive me, if you find any inappropriate word, phrase or sentence.

Pakistan, my beloved country had suffering a difficult period. Its our responsibility to put all our struggle to take the country at a glorious position. Pakistan’s estimated population in 2015 is over 191.71 million, making it the world’s sixth-most-populous country. Pakistani youth is the world largest youth between age 17 to 23 according to UNICEF. There are many reasons behind the scenario, why Pakistan is suffering this situation? The most suitable answer is Illiteracy.

Awareness and Education is the core element that plays a vital role in the development of any nation. It is our main responsibility to spread awareness, education, literacy, as much as we can.  Basically, since you visited SaryRang.com and reading the About Us page, we would assume that you are either in search of latest News and Updates on Education, Scholars Opinion, Life Style, Reviews, Fashion, Stories, Articles etc.

What is SaryRang?

SaryRang as name is chosen (All beautiful Color’s سارے خوبصورت رنگ) is a multi niche site which targets the Youth of Pakistan, to Empower them, in a lite way of Entertainment,  dealing with various categories like World IT, Technology, Science News, Reviews, PC games, Movies, Fashion, Places around the World, Cities Introduction, Travel Guide and Tips  etc. I Abdul Majid, and my writer’s (mostly freelancer) tries our best to make this portal inspiring which fulfills all the needs of young audience. Our stories will educate out of the bound, entertain and make the audience aware of everything.

Our Aim:

SaryRang.com aims at becoming the best youth site all over Pakistan in the next few months. Pakistani people or usually the youth are always in the urge to learn more and know more about what is going on around them in the outside world.

Final Words:

In one single statement, we can say that SaryRang is a one stop website for all the categories. You need not go to different sites for different categories and get fill up your browser tabs. Instead, bookmark SaryRang.com to your browser and open it for all the updates you need. We provide you genuine and the best content out of the lot.


Introduction to SaryRang by Abdul Majid by saryrang

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